Recycling Machine

PP woven bag washing line

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  • PE, PP film washing line
  • Plastic film cutting, washing, recycling machine with high output and excellent clean ability (500kg/hour to 6500kg/hour)
  • Whole plastic recycling line is used to crush, wash, dewater and dry the PP/PE film, PP woven bag
  • Simple structure, easy operation, large capacity, energy-saving, safety
  • Automatic controlling, compacted structure, excellent production ability, perfect clean ability
  • Processing material: food packaging film, agriculture film, green house using film, film used in oil field, PP bag, PE film, woven bag, LDPE shrink film, nature film or heavy printed film, cement bag, oily bag, dirty bag
  • work process:

    first, crusher cut the woven bag into small scrap

    and then the screw below the crusher to go on the pre-wash process with adding water (screw below the crusher)

    the high friction washer wash again with using the friction force!

    after that, the floating tank filter and wash the material

    final, the firticon washer do wash process again

    all the material go to the centrifugal dryer (it is better to the thickness film!)

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