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ABS HDPE PP rigid plastic recycle washing machine

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Product Description
Chengdu PuRui Polymer Engineering Co. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic recycling machines, extruder, plastic granulator and related auxiliary equipment in China. 
Our plastic pelletizing system's unique advantages are screw design, high output, good degassing and good filter effect.
Our plastic washing line such as crusher with bearable resistance and sharp cutter, washing units, separating or sorting machine, drying system, and packaging system are of sound quality. 
Plastic Car Bumper Processing Machinery

General Information:
Small ABS,PS, HDPE, PP flake cutting, washing and separating line 

plastic car bumper, plastic hollow board, plastic various compressed flake, eletrcial cover, Applicance cover, TV cover, plastic bucket, rubbish bin, etc

machine components and function:
NO. Name Function
1 Belt conveyor To transfer PET bottle
2 crusher PET flake crushing
3 High friction washer With friction force to wash the plastic flake and scraps
4 Floating tank To further separate and wash the material
5 Spiral feeder To transfer washed plastic flake
6 Plastic flake drying system To dry


machine details for close refer 
Plastic Car Bumper Processing Machinery
high speed friction washer
Plastic Car Bumper Processing Machinery
floating tank 
Plastic Car Bumper Processing Machinery
flake drying system 
Plastic Car Bumper Processing Machinery
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